Taxiblu for your business

Your solution to managing business taxi rides is appTaxiPay

Thanks to the appTaxiPay platform, Taxiblu is the ideal partner for companies whose employees often travel by taxi. With appTaxiPay we simplify your administration work and improve the travel experience of your employees.

What we offer you

appTaxiPay is a complete and simple platform to manage the taxi rides of your employees, create vouchers for your guests and top clients, and bill monthly in one single solution The platform is perfect for both large and small companies.

How we present it to you

Administrator access. The administrator who has to manage the accounting of the taxi rides has private access to the platform and they can, among other things:

  • create or deactivate the profiles of the primary and secondary administrators
  • create vouchers for guests
  • assign credit limits, establish budget and ride limits
  • manage billing by dividing expenses into cost centres

Employee access. The employee who travels by taxi can use appTaxiPay to see:

  • his credit limit
  • how many trips are available and their trip history
  • the vouchers assigned and those already used

The employee can use the appTaxi app to request a taxi: select the Business account to pay the fare, specify the Billing code, and charge the cost of the ride to the company’s account directly. It’s simple and seamless.

Why we suggest it to you

appTaxiPay simplifies your business, guaranteeing you what you need:

  1. Management AUTONOMY:
    you manage every activity, we just provide you with access, it’s all under your control. The platform is simple to use and intuitive.
  2. CHECK in real time:
    the platform is always available, you can verify the activities of your concern and responsibility every day and in real time.
  3. SAVE time:
    we have eliminated paper documents and expense reports so you can save considerable time.

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