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Can I have a bill for my taxi ride?2022-03-22T09:30:21+01:00

The driver gives you a receipt at the end of your ride. If you need a bill, you have to ask the driver specifically.

How can I take a taxi at the airport in Milan?2022-03-22T09:05:43+01:00

At Malpensa Airport, Linate Airport and Orio al Serio Airport you have to go to the taxi ranks in the arrivals area and take the first taxi available.

How can I take a taxi at the Central Station in Milan?2022-03-22T09:06:25+01:00

You have to go to the taxi rank outside the train station and take the first taxi available.

Can I have a bill for my taxi ride?2022-03-22T10:15:37+01:00

The driver gives you a receipt at the end of your ride. If you need a bill, you have to ask the driver specifically.

How can I write a review?2022-03-22T10:21:16+01:00

Share your experience with us! Write a respectful and useful review for us and for our other customers: Feedback.

How can I send a suggestion?2022-02-03T16:08:02+01:00

Write us if you have a suggestion to improve our service! Your support it’s important to develop and improve Taxiblu: Suggestion.

How can I become an affiliate?2022-03-22T10:22:56+01:00

To start a business affiliation with Taxiblu, see the appropriate page on this website and leave your details. Our area manager will contact you to find the most suitable solution for your needs: Taxiblu Business.

How do I calculate the price of a taxi ride?2022-03-22T10:06:45+01:00
The price of the taxi ride is calculated from the minimum fare that is different if it is a weekday, a public holiday or if the ride is during the night. Il valore cresce e varia con l’avanzamento della corsa, secondo un sistema di progressioni che entra in funzione automaticamente durante lo svolgimento del servizio. For more details: Fares.
What is appTaxi?2022-03-11T15:36:48+01:00

appTaxi is a smartphone app for requesting and paying a taxi in a few simple taps, available for iOS and Android free. You can configure your trip by selecting the necessary information, the type of payment and the characteristics of your taxi. You can also get in advance the estimated price of your trip. Find out all the advantages and the functions of the app, visit the website:appTaxi.

How to call a taxi in Milan?2022-03-11T15:36:58+01:00

Call the 024040 number to talk to a call center operator. You can also use the appTaxiapp to request and pay the taxi ride faster with your smartphone. You can get a taxi at the taxi rank too, if you are near one.

How much does a taxi in Milan cost?2022-03-22T10:25:38+01:00

You can use our quote calculator to get the estimated price of your trip or you can use the appTaxi app!

Il costo del taxi si compone di due importi: uno fisso iniziale e un valore che varia con l’avanzamento della corsa, sulla base di un sistema di progressioni che si applica in modo automatico durante il servizio taxi. Click here to find details about taxi fares: Fares.

Is appTaxi free?2022-03-22T10:14:28+01:00

appTaxi is available for iOS and Android free of charge. Get it here: download.

How much does it cost a taxi to the airport?2022-03-11T16:09:10+01:00

For Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio airports the fares are fixed including all costs. Find out the taxi fares to the airpots here: Airport taxi fares.

When does the taximeter start to calculate the cost of the fare?2022-03-22T09:52:45+01:00
The taximeter starts at the beginning of the ride. If you request a taxi by calling the call centre or using the app, the taximeter starts to calculate the cost of the fare as soon as the driver accepts the request.
Can I find out the cost of my trip in advance with appTaxi?2022-03-22T10:12:35+01:00

Sure! With appTaxi, if you set the starting point and the destination, you get three prices for your trip in Milan, calculated on the basis of different traffic levels.

How do I pay for a taxi ride in Milan?2022-03-22T10:26:35+01:00

You can pay how you like with Taxiblu:

  • cash
  • credit cards operated by the major banking circuits
  • appTaxi app
  • Satispay
Which payment methods are available in appTaxi?2022-03-22T10:13:37+01:00

You can pay the fare with your credit card, if you have registered it in the app, or by Apple Pay or Satispay.

How can I make a complaint about a ride?2022-03-22T10:24:10+01:00

If you have a complaint, fill out the form with your details and the details of the ride (date, time, taxi name, route and the reason for the complaint). Our operator will give you support. Click here to make a complaint: Contacts.

Can I book a taxi in advance with appTaxi?2022-03-22T10:10:13+01:00

Sure! With appTaxi in Milan you can book a taxi up to 4 days in advance specifying the date and time.

I have lost an item in a taxi, what can I do to find it?2022-03-22T10:17:17+01:00

Hai dimenticato un oggetto in taxi? Don’t worry, write us an email describing the item and all the details of your ride: Lost and found.

Can I save a trip in my favourites in appTaxi?2022-03-22T10:10:51+01:00

Sure! Once you have configured your trip, before confirming your request, click on the blue heart in the top right of the configuration screen. This will save your trip in Favourites and you can repeat it by going to the Favourites section of the Menu when you need it.

Can I bring my pet in a taxi?2022-03-22T10:19:54+01:00

Sure, some taxis can transport small and medium sized pets. Find out how to request a taxi to travel with your pet: Pet.

Can I use appTaxi in other cities?2022-03-22T10:09:32+01:00

Sure! appTaxi is available in other big Italian cities like Rome, Florence and Venice. See all the cities: appTaxi Network.

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