Taxi ranks in Milan

Milan is a big city with numerous taxi stands distributed in all districts, find the taxi stand closest to you.

Don’t you want to walk to reach the taxi ranks? Are you looking for the closest taxi station to you?
Call the number 024040 or download the app appTaxi and your taxi will arrive in a few minutes!

TaxiStand -Quartiere non definito

TaxiStand -Baggio

TaxiStand -Caldera

TaxiStand -Certosa

  • BOCCIONI, tel +39024040
  • CASTELLI POMPEO, tel +39024040
    Piazza Castelli Pompeo
  • CIMITERO MAGGIORE, tel +39024040
    Piazzale del Cimitero Maggiore

TaxiStand -Duomo

TaxiStand -Magenta

TaxiStand -Malpensa

  • Malpensa T1, tel +39024040
    Aeroporto di Malpensa T1
  • MALPENSA T2, tel +39024040
    Aeroporto di Malpensa T2

TaxiStand -Quartiere Baggio

  • BERNA, tel +39024040
    Via Berna angolo via Saint Bon
  • FORZE ARMATE, tel +39024040
    Via Delle Forze Armate 364
  • GULLI, tel +39024040
    Via Gulli Tommaso 1

TaxiStand -Quartiere Garibaldi

TaxiStand -Sempione

TaxiStand -Ticinese

  • 24 MAGGIO, tel +39024040
    Piazzale XXIV Maggio 16
  • ABBIATEGRASSO, tel +39024040
    Piazza Abbiategrasso ang. via Palanti

TaxiStand -Vigentina

TaxiStand -Vittoria